a few favorite mountain pics 

Bug repellant made from organic plant based oils to be skin safe. This balm has beeswax which allows it to sit on top of your skin carrying the scents which repel insects longer.

Caledula, jewel weed, and plantain salve. This organic skin salve is foraged and grown here in Maine in my herb gardens.

Elderberry ginger soap from local elderberries grown by the Maine honey dream in Andover Maine.

2 soaps that were added in October of 2022. The sunflower soap was made from the petals my 8 year old farming friend saved over the course of our 20 week farmers market.

Exploring the Tonsina Glacier in Alaska. This beautiful glacier is closer to my cabin in Alaska than ANY store.

Girls expedition, My kids got to explore here during family vacations to Alaska. Such an amazing and beautiful place. Even this parking lot.

Alpen glow over Python From camp in Alaska.

Skinning Dimon, A quick fun route with loads of skiable ramps that Alex and I were able to squeeze in between drop offs and pickups at daycare.

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